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These jewelry are original and exclusive products of the New You - Art Couture Jewelry company. The certificate confirms the high quality of the product and its authenticity, as well as confirm the safety for humans and the environment.

All New You - Art Couture Jewelry Products fully comply with international and European standards.

Only 925 sterling silver is used in production. Only Swarovski crystals, semi-precious natural stones, jewelry enamels or resins and leather are used for decoration each product is subject to strict control for compliance with the international quality standard ISO (international organization for standardization) 9001:2000

Care recommendations: it is recommended to use a soft cloth without any chemicals. To protect against mechanical damage, it is recommended to store the product in a case attached to it. It is advisable to avoid contact with water, otherwise the decoration may darken.

We are confident in the quality of our products and boldly give a lifetime warranty to our products (except in cases of mechanical damage through no fault of the manufacturer)

We are glad that you have become a client of New You - Art Couture Jewelry

We create our jewelry with love, they will suit absolutely any dress, any age, any woman ... and of course we have not forgotten about men

Our products are original and in different price categories.

We make them for you.

Eva Mayer was born in the former USSR in 1977
in 1998 she repatriated to Israel.
She has two adult daughters and two beautiful grandchildren.
She built herself and started from scratch.
Now we can enjoy her work.

Eva has her own style, her own vision, her work is not so easy to repeat. Being yourself is top priority

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