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Handmade Jewelry Designer

Eva Meyer is the owner and designer of New You - Art Couture Jewelry. She studied gemology, jewelry design, worked and studied at the Tel Aviv diamond exchange in a large company, where her task was to manage and personally select and sort diamonds for purchase.

It is also certified to certify diamonds with an EGL or GIA certificate/report.

Over the past 17 years, she has taken jewelry courses and trained with major jewelers in all types of jewelry from all over the world.

Studied modeling in design programs Rhino, Blender, Sculptris, for which she has design diplomas for designers.

She learned how to work with all types of enamel jewelry, she drew all her models by hand.

She learned how to set stones of any size, as well as the work of a bricklayer under a microscope from one of the best masters in Russia and Israel.

We have the best and latest technology to make our products as timeless and beautiful as possible. New You - Art Couture Jewelry strives to delight its customers with handmade jewelry! All of our jewelry comes with a lifetime warranty. You will love all of our work just as much as we love making them for you. We would love to hear from you just as we hear from all of our loyal customers.

These jewelry are original and exclusive products of New You - Art Couture Jewelry. The certificate confirms the high quality of the product and its authenticity, and also confirms the safety for humans and the environment.

All New You - Art Couture Jewelry fully comply with international and European standards.

We manufacture our products only in Israel, we are not intermediaries.

Only 925 sterling silver is used in production. For decoration, only Swarovski crystals, semi-precious natural stones, jewelry enamels or resins and leather are used. Each product undergoes strict control for compliance with the international quality standard ISO (international organization for standardization) 9001:2000.


We are glad that you have become a client of New You - Art Couture Jewelry.

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